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@file sample.hpp Sample format definition and format conversions.

Header-only, no need to link to LibDA.

#include <math.h>

namespace da {
      // WARNING: changing this breaks binary compatibility on the library!
      typedef float sample_t;

      // The following conversions provide lossless conversions between floats
      // and integers. Be sure to use only these conversions or otherwise the
      // conversions may not be lossless, due to different scaling factors being
      // used by different libraries.

      // The negative minimum integer value produces sample_t value slightly
      // more negative than -1.0 but this is necessary in order to prevent
      // clipping in the float-to-int conversions. Now amplitude 1.0 in floating
      // point produces -32767 .. 32767 symmetrical non-clipping range in s16.
      const sample_t max_s16 = 32767.0;
      const sample_t max_s24 = 8388607.0;

      static inline sample_t conv_from_s16(int s) { return s / max_s16; }
      static inline sample_t conv_from_s24(int s) { return s / max_s24; }
      // The rounding is strictly not necessary, but it greatly improves
      // the error tolerance if any floating point calculations are done.
      static inline int conv_to_s16(sample_t s) { return int(roundf(s * max_s16)); }
      static inline int conv_to_s24(sample_t s) { return int(roundf(s * max_s24)); }


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