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fft.hpp File Reference

Detailed Description

FFT and related facilities.

Header only, no need to link with libda.

Definition in file fft.hpp.

#include <complex>
#include <cstddef>

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namespace  da
namespace  da::fourier
namespace  da::math


struct  da::math::Cos< A, B >
struct  da::fourier::DanielsonLanczos< P, T >
struct  da::fourier::DanielsonLanczos< 0, T >
struct  da::math::Sin< A, B >
struct  da::math::SinCosSeries< M, N, B, A >
struct  da::math::SinCosSeries< N, N, B, A >


template<unsigned A, unsigned B>
double da::math::cos ()
template<unsigned P, typename InIt, typename Window>
std::vector< std::complex
< float > > 
da::fft (InIt begin, Window window)
template<unsigned P, typename T>
void da::fft (std::complex< T > *data)
template<unsigned A, unsigned B>
double da::math::sin ()
static double da::math::sqr (double val)

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