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CAudio Class Reference

#include <audio.hh>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Audio playback class. This class enables the audio playback using ffmpeg

Definition at line 17 of file audio.hh.

Public Member Functions

 CAudio (std::string const &pdev, unsigned int rate)
double getLength ()
double getPosition ()
unsigned int getVolumeMusic ()
unsigned int getVolumePreview ()
bool isPaused ()
bool isPlaying ()
void operator() (da::pcm_data &areas, da::settings const &)
void operator() ()
void playMusic (std::string const &filename)
void playPreview (std::string const &filename)
void seek (double seek_dist)
void setVolumeMusic (unsigned int volume)
void setVolumePreview (unsigned int volume)
void stopMusic ()
void togglePause ()
void wait ()
 ~CAudio ()

Private Types

enum  Type {

Private Member Functions

double getLength_internal ()
double getPosition_internal ()
bool isPaused_internal ()
bool isPlaying_internal ()
void playMusic_internal (std::string const &filename)
void playPreview_internal (std::string const &filename)
void seek_internal (double seek_dist)
void setVolume_internal (unsigned int volume)
void stopMusic_internal ()
void togglePause_internal ()

Private Attributes

bool ffmpeg_paused
int length
boost::condition m_cond
boost::condition m_condready
std::string m_filename
boost::scoped_ptr< CFfmpeg > m_mpeg
boost::mutex m_mutex
da::playback m_playback
bool m_ready
da::settings m_rs
boost::scoped_ptr< boost::thread > m_thread
enum CAudio::Type m_type
double m_volume
unsigned m_volumeMusic
unsigned m_volumePreview

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