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Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
alsa::errorException class
alsa::hw_configA helper object for modifying hw_params of a PCM
alsa::mmapA RAII wrapper for snd_pcm_mmap_begin/end block
OpenGLTexture< Type >A RAII wrapper for allocating/deallocating OpenGL texture ID
alsa::pcmA minimal RAII wrapper for ALSA PCM. Automatically converts into snd_pcm_t* as needed, so the ALSA C API can be used directly with this
plugin::registry< Base, Arg, Key >A polymorphic plugin factory
plugin::registry< Base, Arg, Key >::handlerAn abstract base for handler classes. Registers itself on construct, unregisters on destruct
plugin::registry< Base, Arg, Key >::iterator
plugin::simple< Plugin, Class >A handler that returns new Class(arg). An instance of this class is normally created as a static (file scope) variable so that the constructor gets called on program startup and that the destructor gets called on program exit, or similarly on dynamic library load/unload
SurfaceHigh level surface/image wrapper. Supports non-power-of-two dimensions, but does not support texturing, so keep tex within [0, 1]
TextureTexture wrapper. Textures with non-power-of-two dimensions may be slow to load. If you don't need texturing, use Surface instead
UseTextureA RAII wrapper for binding to a texture (using it, modifying it)

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